Hello there, things are starting to look up with the arrival of March and the fine weather… pheweeee.

The podcasts are still arriving thick and fast onto Facebook for My Soviet Kitchen, make sure to subscribe to get your fix of Brek and Elizabeth’s capers into Eastern European film-making. It ain’t pretty but it’s certainly quite funny.


We met the BFI last week for their comments on the latest draft and Manny Puro Casting is back with us again to find our perfect Ivy Stone.  Brek and Elizabeth are now interviewing Heads of Department, budgeting, scheduling and most fun of all, storyboarding!!  Will post some sample scenes onto Facebook soon to whet your appetites!

Everyone has been busy reading scripts/novels/napkins over the cold wintery months and we have been meeting up with various agents and authors to find out more about optioning new work to add to our slate. Nothing confirmed as yet so can’t say too much but hopefully will be adding to our repertoire shortly.
Our new fancy pantsy website is underway and we have commissioned the lovely and talented Caroline Taylor (no relation) to custom make our very own Tailormaiden, and I must say she is a beauty. See more of her work at www.thedollmaker.co.uk

Having shot the plates with the wonderful Mark at Perception www.perceptionphotography.com we are hoping to launch sometime around Easter once web designers YeahCan have worked their magic.

And last but not least SPRING LOADED, our brand new project with the British Council is now in official development having won funding from their Young Creative Entrepreneur scheme. It’s going to be an exciting year ahead!

Thanks and ta ra.

The tailormaidens.


Dear All –

We hope you all had a joyous Christmas and a fun filled New Year. Ours was brilliant and spread across several different countries with Elizabeth in Transylvania, Brek in Grenada and Guernsey and Clare, well Clare manning the fort back in Blighty with the two baby tigers!

We are all extremely excited about what 2012 brings, including the development and shoot of our Russian rom com, My Soviet Kitchen. The script is very well developed now and we are currently in discussions with co-producers about logistics and will be sending out to cast in the next few weeks – watch this space. Don’t forget to ‘like’ us on facebook to be updated with podcasts and stuff!

As well as the feature film, we were currently working with the amazing freelance theatre producer Bridget Floyer on a theatrical adaptation of a famous circus novel, more on this to come soon. We are also in talks with various television bods about an original new television concept, as well as the numerous ongoing workshops which are happening back and forth across the city. Like we said, an exciting year.

Other news Tailormade has recently moved offices and is renting a space from the fantastic Spicer and Moore guys. Please do drop us a line if you are ever near Piccadilly Circus, it would be great to say Hi.

and to conclude….. the end of 2011 saw us complete the film workshops for the Tree of Light Cultural Olympiad project. No mean feat one workshop featured 90 x 11 year olds! We will post as soon as the films go online. For those of you who have not yet seen Island (how is that possible?!), it is now available on Video on Demand and DVD sales of Island are going extremely well and we are about to embark round two of festival submissions to all those fantastic little festivals around the world so you may yet get the chance to watch it on the big screen. Again any suggestions you have are most welcome – we love big and small so write on in.

Thanks and best wishes.

The Tailormaidens

Dear All –

Hopefully you have now seen a few of the Making Of Podcasts for our new movie My Soviet Kitchen and the crazy new journey that Brek and Elizabeth have recently embarked on. It all started in August 2010 when we we ordered the novel by Amy Spurling from our favourite publishers Roast Books.When the book arrived in a hessian sack with a miniature of Smirnoff inside, we knew we were on to a winner! The story instantly clicked with everyoneon the team, a natural break away from the bleakness of Island and into the colourful life work of Ivy Stone.

Brek and Elizabeth wrote the treatment in May and were awarded some development funding from the British Film Institute which enabled them to go to Russia and Georgia on a scouting / research trip. Upon their return they set about writing the script of which we are currently on draft 3 and hope to go out to cast in the new year…. everyone who has read it laughs a lot which is a very good sign! 🙂

Thank you for your continuing support and look forward to sharing the journey with you.

Best Wishes,

The Tailormaidens.

‪Hello All -‬

‪Apologies for the lack of blog in the past few weeks, it’s all been a little busy with Brek and Elizabeth’s return from Russia & Georgia. We have been trying to get to as many screenings of Island as possible in the run up to the DVD release in a few weeks, as well as appearing in the media left right and center!‬

‪Listen to Brek’s radio interview on iplayer  ‬http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p00hy7dw/James_Cannon_13_07_2011/‪   (scroll along to 0.47.00 to hear the full interview)‬

‪You are able to pre-order the dvd from the following websites. When you do it would be great to go online and write a little review of the film to help boost the sales, equally if you have already seen it go online and write a review. Amazon, HMV and Play all have this option so a little copy and paste to all three would be AMAZING!‬


‪The winner of the last competition answering the question, “Who will you buy the DVD of Island for when it comes out and why?” is Jess Ashman who will buy it for her cat who is always betraying her! I think maybe a little cunning plan to buy the DVD for yourself there Jess!‬

‪And finally just a quick word about our new project, the rom com  “My Soviet Kitchen”. Elizabeth has just completed the first draft, yikes! and have been creating quite a stir in Russia & Georgia -‬

‪Check them out in the national news coverage!‬

‪Thanks very much‬

‪The Island Team. ‬

Dear All –

Thanks so much for the great attendance at the screenings – and for everyone’s amazing questions at the Q&A’s – There are still a few screenings to go before it leaves the big screen so be sure to get along.  If anyone has taken any photos at any of the screenings please post them up on facebook – we would love to see them.

Excitingly, the DVD is now available for pre-order on Amazon. It will become available in late July. If anyone has already seen the film it would be really great if you could write up a review and post it on Amazon – that way hopefully more people will be interested in seeing the film.  A fab birthday pressie perhaps?


Some world screening news….. We have been accepted for the Haifa Film Festival in Israel in October and the Singapore Film Festival in September. We aren’t sure yet who will be going along – as soon as we have more details we will let you know.

Other news – it never stops for Brek and Elizabeth who are jetting off to Russia & Georgia on Saturday for two weeks as part of the pre-production & development for the new film My Soviet Kitchen. If anyone has any contacts please do get in touch – we are hoping for the film to be as authentic as possible. The book by the delightful Amy Spurling (www.amyspurling.com) and published by Roast Books is available on Amazon or in any good book shop. To find out more about this film please follow the tailormade twitter feed, as well as subscribing to the tailormade blog.

And finally another competition for you – We have two original Orly Orbach sketches up for grabs for the most original answer to the following probing question…hopefully one to get you all thinking!

When Island comes out on DVD who will you buy it for (other than yourselves of course!) and why? The most original answers will get these rather special prizes.

Winners will be announced in the next blog.

Thanks again for your continued support.

The Island Team xx

Dear All,

Island is continuing to keep us busy with trips all over the country. Thank you to all of you who have made it along to the Q&As so far and have been telling friends/family/neighbours/pets to get along too. Last week featured a very animated Q&A at Dartington with some great questions about storyworld and pacing, and the Lexi Kilburn provided a wonderful independent cinema-going experience with a bar just off-screen for emergency aperitifs! The screenings and Q&As for Island have illustrated how supportive UK independent cinemas and their audiences are – independent UK films just need the support in getting made in the first place! If you haven’t been to see it yet the following screenings are yet to take place:

Chapter Cardiff 7th & 9th June
Riverside Studios Hammersmith 13th June
Light House Wolverhampton 13-16th June
Dundee Contemporary Arts 17th & 19th June
Eden Court Inverness 16-21st June
Hippodrome Bo’ness 20th & 23rd June
Cornerhouse Manchester 23rd June
Greenwich Picturehouse 6th July
Hyde Park Picturehouse Leeds 9-12th & 14th July
City Screen Picturehouse York 12th July
Tyneside Cinema Newcastle 13th July
Picturehouse at FACT Liverpool 18th July

Elizabeth has also managed a fleeting visit to Cannes to promote Island some more, and also to start talks on the next Brek Taylor / Elizabeth Mitchell feature film, this time a more cheery genre,  a Russian Rom Com – to find out more please subscribe to the Tailormade Blog and be sure to follow Tailormade Productions on Facebook. The script is being written as we blog, it’s great fun to be starting a fresh new project with the momentum of Island behind us.

And finally thanks so much for all the competition entries – I can announce the winners for the question “What is your favourite film adaptation and why?” are….

Sharon Sant – The Princess Bride – It retains the razor wit, subtle irony and quirkiness of the book whilst streamlining the story enough to appeal to a much broader audience than the book could ever do, perfect casting, perfect pitch, perfect film –
We can whole-heartedly agree with you on that one Sharon – a brilliant film

Kip Heath – All Quiet on the Western Front – The 1930 adaptation remains true to the book and doesn’t give in to modern temptation to make war films all about action. The film shows perfectly how you don’t need to have masses of money or special effects to tell a story that audience will remember forever.
A very valid point Kip

Congratulations to both winners, we will be in touch shortly.

Best Wishes – The Island Team

A reminder of upcoming screenings…

Lexi Cinema Kilburn    22nd May
Barn Cinema Dartington    25-26th May
Chapter Cardiff    7th & 9th June
Riverside Studios Hammersmith    13th June
Light House Wolverhampton    13-16th June
Dundee Contemporary Arts    17th & 19th June
Eden Court Inverness    16-21st June
Hippodrome Bo’ness    20th & 23rd June
Cornerhouse Manchester    23rd June
Greenwich Picturehouse    6th July
Hyde Park Picturehouse Leeds    9-12th & 14th July
City Screen Picturehouse York    12th July
Tyneside Cinema Newcastle    13th July
Picturehouse at FACT Liverpool    18th July